Have your say Oct. 22

Topic: How should faith communities respond to the rise of intolerance?

Join us for the next Interfaith Dialog, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct 22. This is another installment in a series of events designed to find common ground in different faiths. DDUUC is assembling a panel of representatives from a variety of faiths to engage in a respectful and insightful discussion.

After our panelists speak. our audience will be invited to join the dialogue. Light refreshments to follow. The coordinator is Warren Spengler and he may be reached by email at cyberdog76@hotmail.com.

Why do we need interfaith Dialogue? Because talking is better than fighting.

Warren Spengler

Why do we need an Interfaith Dialog? By getting together for this dialog we can all learn from each other.

Joan Spengler

The success of any Interfaith Dialog comes when we realize we all live in communities where we seek meaning and purpose in life, and that transcends our differences.

Dennis Moyer