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Due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, the annual election is going to be different this year. The duties of secretary are posted for those who have inquired. More information will be provided. To download a .pdf of job descriptions at DDUUC, click on the button below.

The secretary is posted here because the duties have been amended out of necessity and the changes are noted at #11 below.



The Secretary ensures effective communication is maintained among the Board, minister, and congregation by recording and keeping an accurate record of all official Board and congregational meetings. The Secretary maintains and ensures the security of the historical and legal records of DDUUC. The Secretary serves as an executive member of the Board as defined by the Bylaws of DDUUC.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Record and maintain the minutes of all meetings of the congregation, the Board of Trustees, and other official meetings.

2. Maintain a record of policies and procedures adopted by the Board and ensure a copy of the current Bylaws is available at each meeting.

3. Act in the official capacity of Board member when attending any function authorized by the Board.

4. Serve as the Board liaison to the Public Relations Committee and represent their concerns to the Board if requested. May attend committee meetings in a non-voting, advisory capacity.

5. Attend DDUUC Board and congregational meetings.

6. Ensure the minutes of the previous Board meetings are available at the next Board meeting. Forward a summary of monthly Board meetings to the editor of the newsletter for inclusion.

7. Maintain a list of all Members and Friends. Work with the Membership Chairperson to ensure that the list is updated as required by the Bylaws of DDUUC. Submit the membership numbers to the UUA as required.

8. Provide DDUUC members with written notice of congregational meetings in accordance with the Bylaws.

9. Review and distribute incoming mail. Note: This can be delegated to someone else, but the Secretary is responsible for ensuring that it is done.

10. Sign, along with the President, all legal documents. Be the signatory on DDUUC checks in the absence of, or conflict of interest with, the Treasurer.

11. Send out official correspondence for the Board. Cathy Ann Vandegrift is not the elected secretary, but she has been assisting the secretary as follows: # 7. She has been keeping a general roster, checking messages left on the DDUUC cell telephone, and returning calls. She notes that the secretary is supposed to keep an inventory of who has keys to the building. She has been running the DDUUC email account as well.