Upcoming at DDUUC April 2021

April 4 – Gail CostanzaHappy Everything
It’s a busy day for DDUUC. We are celebrating Passover, Dorothea Dix’s birthday,
DDUUC’s birthday, and Easter all at the same time!
April 11 – Rev. Larry Smith – “Jesus’s Top Ten, Part I
Jesus was a Jew who quoted the Jewish texts in the gospel narrative. What was most important, in Jesus’s opinion, from the Jewish scriptures? What might they tell us about being Unitarian Universalists?
April 18 – Clarissa De LucaEyes “Masked” Open There are so many things that we have learned from this pandemic and many ways in which we have had to adjust and be flexible with social norms and pleasantries. As humans we have become accustomed to using our faces to convey impressions, suffering, joys, and comfort. But in a time of intense suffering, we have been without
our full faces. What have we learned through the use of our eyes as our silent voices and how has this changed us?
April 25 – Rev. Dave HunterShall We Give God a Second Chance?
Many Unitarian Universalists have ambivalent feelings about God. The God who watches over humanity and intervenes in our affairs from time to time seems implausible, but are there other images of God that are worth consideration? Is “God” still a useful word for you? How would you describe God – the God you believe in, or don’t?

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