Feb. 27 Service Non-Binary Faith

March 9 Book Club

Sunday 2/27 Meeting ID: 609 444 9349

Password: uuchurch

Zr. Alex Kapitan

Non-Binary Faith

The world we live in today feels more divided than ever. In these times, people—and faith communities—who bridge or belie binaries of gender, sexuality, race, class, ability, politics, and religion are deeply needed. Join guest speaker Zr. Alex Kapitan for a service about how we can destroy binaries and create faith communities—and ultimately a wider world—where each of us can bring our full selves forward.

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> The Book Discussion Group will be discussing The Book of Lost Things

> by John Connolly on March 9th at 7PM.

Zoom Meeting ID: 609 444 9349       Password: uuchurch

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