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Chalice Circles and Fundraising Auction! The January 2020 edition of The Pulse is available at the Newsletter Page. Enjoy.

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DDUUC will be staffing an informational table at the Bordentown Green Fair, 10 a.m. 3 p.m. Saturday, June 13, 2020. The event is at the Carslake Community Center, 207 Crosswicks St. Bordentown, N.J. 08505.

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Great Interfaith Dialog!

DDUUC is so thankful to our panelists for sharing their faith-informed views on our question: How should faith communities respond to the rise of intolerance? We had 2.5 times as many audience members and their thoughtful comments and questions added depth to an already meaningful discourse.

Have your say Oct. 22

Topic: How should faith communities respond to the rise of intolerance?

Join us for the next Interfaith Dialog, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct 22. This is another installment in a series of events designed to find common ground in different faiths. DDUUC is assembling a panel of representatives from a variety of faiths to engage in a respectful and insightful discussion.

After our panelists speak. our audience will be invited to join the dialogue. Light refreshments to follow. The coordinator is Warren Spengler and he may be reached by email at

Why do we need interfaith Dialogue? Because talking is better than fighting.

Warren Spengler

Why do we need an Interfaith Dialog? By getting together for this dialog we can all learn from each other.

Joan Spengler

The success of any Interfaith Dialog comes when we realize we all live in communities where we seek meaning and purpose in life, and that transcends our differences.

Dennis Moyer

Meet the Artists was a smash success! Thanks to all of our artists, helpers and sponsors!

A-Team of TASK

DDUUC believes in the social justice mission of the A-TEAM, the art group associated with the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. In that spirit, the congregation is hosting an exhibit and reception for these special artists who have taken hardship and transformed it into beautiful, expressive works of art, which will be offered for sale. The art will continue to be on display and an ideal time to view it and arrangement payment would be before and after our 10 a.m. Sunday worship services.

Meet the A-Team, the art group of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. Show and reception 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13. 30 Park St., Bordentown, NJ 08505

Thanks to these businesses

for providing refreshments

Thanks to CJ Mugavero for making gift to TASK for the A-TEAM program in honor of this event. Here is a link to her shop.

The Artful Deposit

Autumn at DDUUC

Our congregation is gearing up for a fall filled with meaningful experiences and plenty of fun. Instead of having a settled minister, we schedule services individually to be lead by Unitarian Universalist ministers, other speakers and members of our own congregation. Our Sunday services begin at 10 a.m

On Sunday, Sept. 1 — There will be no service, just a thorough cleaning of the building! Starts at 9:30 a.m.

Sunday, Sept. 8 — Our traditional Water Communion with a new ripple, a musical performance by Elaine Silver, who has studied the works of John, Paul, George and Ringo so seriously she considers herself a “Certified Beatle-Ologist.”

Sunday, Sept. 15 –The Rev. Flo Gelo will give the sermon.  Coffee hour chit chat may include the story of her chance meeting with a member of DDUUC – in of all places – Dingle, Ireland.

Saturday, Sept. 21 – DDUUC will be a way station for folks on the Bordentown Historical Society Fall House Tour from 1 to 5 p.m. 

Sunday, Sept. 22 — The Rev. Dr. Edward Frost will return to our pulpit for our morning service, then at 7 p.m., we will meet outside our building for Drumming by the Fire to mark the waning of the summer sunlight. Participants are invited to bring drums and snacks to share. For more information, contact Joan Spengler at

 Sunday, Sept. 29 Michele Mazakas will give us her perspective as a member of Princeton PFLAG, Parents of Lesbians and Gays. This is part of DDUUC’s ongoing commitment to be a welcoming congregation.

October services are still being planned, but we know will hear from the Rev. Dr. Frost on Sunday, Oct. 13, and from the Rev. Flo Gelo on Oct. 20, a service that will be followed by a Bread and Soup Lunch.

On Saturday, Oct. 5 and Sunday, Oct. 6, we plan to staff and informational booth at Cranberry Fest.

On Sunday, October 13, DDUUC will host “Meet the Artists,” a reception from 1 to 3 p.m. showcasing artists from the A-Team organization, a separate non-profit organization that is headquartered at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. A light lunch will be served. Suggested donation $5.

Tuesday, Oct. 22, DDUUC will host the Interfaith Dialogue, where leaders and adherents of different faiths discuss a topic together in the spirit of mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence. Topic: How Should Faith Communities Respond to the Rise of Intolerance?

On Oct. 27, DDUUC is planning to “haunt” the Bordentown Halloween Parade.

On Sunday, Nov. 3 — DDUUC’s Spirit Circle will present a service called, “Remembering.” This will be a look at the ancient underpinnings of Halloween with a healthy dose of congregation participation. November’s services are being planned as of this writing.

December: On Sunday, Dec. 1 – DDUUC will celebrate Chalica, the uniquely Unitarian Universalist winter festival. Watch this space for more information about services and events.

Magical Music on Sept. 8

Elaine Silver gives first performance at DDUUC

Our first formal Sunday service of the 2019-2020 church year will the traditional Water Communion, where everyone will be invited to pour some water from their summer travels into a communal bowl and describe their water-oriented adventures. Then, for the first time ever at DDUUC, musician and spiritual guru Elaine Silver, will present a program called, “The Spirituality of the Beatles.” Here is a taste of her work to whet everyone’s appetites.