The Pulse

October 2022

As you may know, Pete has announced he cannot edit the pulse as of September 2022. He has suggested the newsletter live on in combination with the website, DDUUC, edited by me, Chris Sturgis. DDUUC thanks him for his service to the congregation for several years, including his own column, Reflections East and West, in which he expressed his concern that our bitterly divided nation.

 My personal favorite of his columns was the one about preparing to take Communion for the first time as a child in the Catholic Church. Even then, Pete was science-minded and decided to create a “test wafer” by smashing all the air out of a slice of bread to see what it would be like. Alone. Privately. For me this captures what it truly is to be a child, fearing embarrassment and being bewildered by adult demands.

By Joan Spengler

Pagan Perspective

By Joan Spengler

It is October and a new church year has begun.  It is so nice to meet in person again!  And Coffee Hour is back.  Who knew how important Coffee Hour was until it was gone.

The weather is cooler.  There is a certain feeling of energy in the air. Nature is telling us to get ready for the winter. Farm chores would be finishing up and the final harvest is coming soon.  We reaped the grains on Lammas, we harvested the vegetables on Mabon, and the culling of the herds would happen on Samhain.

Samhain is also associated with the Day of the Dead, a holiday imported from south of the border. It is a time to remember our dead with love and respect. It has become a tradition here at DDUUC to have a memorial service to honor all our dead at this time of year.  And this year will be no different.

The pandemic has changed so many things.  It is nice to start to live normally again. And Sunday Services complete with Coffee Hour is one step in the right direction!