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Nov,. 26 – Denise McCormack – Forgiveness and Gratitude – In recognition of Thanksgiving, we will explore the meaning of forgiveness and gratitude, as the keys to a happy and fulfilling life.

Dec. 3 — Mark Bernstein — Selling Onions — Benedictine hospitality requires that we welcome the stranger, not only into our homes, but into our hearts.  This form of radical hospitality is the essential message in “The Rule of St. Benedict”, a book written in the sixth century and just as relevant and important to Unitarian Universalists today.

Dec. 10 — Robin Reichert—The Christmas Secret — In this timeless story from Robin’s own childhood, we are reminded that things are not always as they appear. Robin recounts how, at the age of six, a trip with her minister father to deliver gifts to the poor reveals an unexpected surprise. Told from the innocent reminiscence of a child and the grace of seasoned perspective.

Dec. 17 — Jennie Dickinson — Finding Home –One of the most central themes in our world. Finding home, being at home, making others feel “at home.” What does it all mean and why does it feel so elusive at times?

Dec. 24 — DDUUC’s own Kelly Hansen and Cathy Vandegrift are planning something very special.

Dec. 31 — Pauline Nijander — Change and Growth — One of life’s constants is that things will always change. The question then, is what do we do with things when they change in ways we were not expecting? That’s where the opportunity for growth comes in. Join us on this final Sunday of the 2023 year as we dive into change, and the possible growth from it

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Cathy Ann Vandegrift, chair of our membership committee, recently praised the UU Pocket Guide available from the Unitarian Universalist Association, which offers discounts for bulk purchases. For more information, talk to Cathy Ann or click here.

Services start at 10 a.m. Due to the rise in Covid cases, masks are strongly recommended for in-person attendance.

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We Laugh We Cry

This is a new song John DeMasi wrote for the Celebration of Life Service for longtime member Ingrid Heerwagen.

Click this link to see the sermon that was cut short by a power outage.

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