Upcoming at DDUUC April 2021

April 4 – Gail CostanzaHappy Everything
It’s a busy day for DDUUC. We are celebrating Passover, Dorothea Dix’s birthday,
DDUUC’s birthday, and Easter all at the same time!
April 11 – Rev. Larry Smith – “Jesus’s Top Ten, Part I
Jesus was a Jew who quoted the Jewish texts in the gospel narrative. What was most important, in Jesus’s opinion, from the Jewish scriptures? What might they tell us about being Unitarian Universalists?
April 18 – Clarissa De LucaEyes “Masked” Open There are so many things that we have learned from this pandemic and many ways in which we have had to adjust and be flexible with social norms and pleasantries. As humans we have become accustomed to using our faces to convey impressions, suffering, joys, and comfort. But in a time of intense suffering, we have been without
our full faces. What have we learned through the use of our eyes as our silent voices and how has this changed us?
April 25 – Rev. Dave HunterShall We Give God a Second Chance?
Many Unitarian Universalists have ambivalent feelings about God. The God who watches over humanity and intervenes in our affairs from time to time seems implausible, but are there other images of God that are worth consideration? Is “God” still a useful word for you? How would you describe God – the God you believe in, or don’t?

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Upcoming at DDUUC March ’21

March 7 – Community Gathering – You Are What You Eat
March 14 – Rev. Larry Smith – “Do You Care?”
Empathy is not a value in our society. What is it and how do we get it back?
March 21 – Joan Spengler – Ostara
Ostara is the feast of the Vernal Equinox and the beginning of a season long transition
to summer. But isn’t all life a transition to the nest step?
March 28 – Roger Long – “What Possible Good Can Come from a Plague?”

Click here to hear John DeMasi’s song, “Let Me Shine” from the March 21 church service.

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Upcoming at DDUUC

Feb. 7 – Community Gathering – Heart Health
In addition to celebrating Valentine’s Day in February, it is also American Heart month.
Join the discussion about what keeps your heart healthy in so many ways.
Feb. 14 – Rev. Larry Smith – Human/Nature
It seems that there’s nothing new in “the theology of the liberal church,” as it was called
in theological school. But there is something that has always been there and is still
something new at the same time, reasonable and mystical.

Feb. 15Spirit Circle – zoom 865 2682 5812 code 752749
Feb. 21 – Trish Concannon – Secrets

Feb. 24 Sending You Light – 7 p.m. Music Event with UU Activist and Vocalist Melanie DeMore,
Feb. 28 – Gail Costanza – Pledge Sunday
This is our annual pledge service, asking you what you can give to the church to
support its programs.

March 5 — UU Faith Action Gala — Click here to register. John DeMasi is DDUUC’s contact for this.

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Upcoming at DDUUC

Jan. 3 – Patricia Concannon – The Color of Law
A discussion of the book “The Color of Law” and how it illustrates our forgotten history.
Jan. 10 – Rev. Larry Smith – Human/Nature
It seems that there’s nothing new in “the theology of the liberal church,” as it was called
in theological school. But there is something that has always been there and is still
something new at the same time, reasonable and mystical.
Jan. 17 – Joan Spengler – Bean Soup and Pancakes
It is said that traditions help with cultural continuity. But when do traditions become
questionable, and when should they be considered dangerous? And what is a tradition
Jan. 24 – Roger Long – The Inauguration – New Year, New Regime
Let Us Be Hopeful. Maybe the most dramatic change for this New Year will be political.
But spiritual change can’t be far behind, and let’s think of that miserable month of
January as that most spiritual of months, for, like its namesake Janus, we will be
looking back and forward at the same time, better for our past joys and sorrows.
Jan. 31 – Warren Spengler — Accident of Birth — Warren will explore the often-cited opinion that the United States of America belongs to the ancestors of the immigrants who arrived the earliest.

Upcoming at DDUUC

Dec. 6 – Community Gathering – Discussion of Holiday Traditions.

Dec. 13 – Rev. Larry Smith – An Advent Like No Other
Advent is either the beginning or the end. What is this season beginning for
you? What is ending?

Dec. 20 – Gail Costanza – A Traditional Christmas Service?
Will we be able to have a traditional Christmas service this year? We will try! Please
have a candle with you if possible.

Dec. 21 – Spirit Circle hosts a Solstice Celebration on Zoom at 7 p.m.

Dec. 27 –Rev. Dave Hunter – Why Is There Something Rather than Nothing? Ultimate
Question or Pointless Diversion?
To conclude the year – and prepare for the year about to begin – let’s consider
together what many consider the most basic question of all: why is there something
rather than nothing? If you know the answer, please let Rev. Hunter know as soon as possible
(davidhunter2405@comcast.net) (at least no later than December 20).

Our services are on Zoom due to Covid-19. Click here for the administrator to let you in.

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Nov. 15 service

Chris Sturgis is doing this week’s service on Henry David Thoreau who penned the beautiful words, “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”

Upcoming services

Nov. 8 Rev. Larry Smith The Democratic Process: Though tired of our four-year national obsession, it is important to reflect on how this relates to our faith. Why are UUs so taken with Democracy?

Nov. 15 Christina Sturgis In his book On Walden Pond, Henry David Thoreau said, “Simplify!” but I suspect it is a little more complicated.

Nov. 19 7 p.m. DDUUC hosted its first-ever Interfaith Dialog over Zoom. Warren Spengler coordinates this event. DDUUC thanks all the presenters and participants for a very enlightening session.

Nov. 22 Gail Costanza Martyrs: When we think of martyrs, we think of people like Joan of Arc and Socrates. Who are our Unitarian Universalist martyrs?

Nov. 25 is the deadline for submitting articles to DDUUC’s monthly newsletter, The Pulse.

Nov. 29 Joan Spengler Gratitude / Schmatitude: We have so much to be grateful for, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Upcoming services

Oct. 11 Rev. Larry Smith will give the sermon: A Few Lessons from the Trees.

Oct 18 Rev. Flo Gelo will give the sermon: A Cheerful Faith, a look at what comes First, a Healthy Outlook or a Buoyant Faith.

Oct. 25 Joan Spengler will present: Our Annual Day of Remembering. Please have paper and a pen or pencil handy.

Nov. 1 Join us on Zoom for a discussion as is planned for the first Sunday of each month now that Covid-19 has DDUUC on a bare bones budget. Think of it as starting with Coffee Hour.

Our services are on Zoom on Sundays at 10 a.m. Click HERE to join us.

To join using the codes, they are: 819-313-1486 and password uuchurch

Share a poem!

Our 10 a.m. service on Sunday, Oct. 4, Christina Sturgis will lead a discussion about poetry so bring a poem you love, a poem you hate or a poem you wrote. Song lyrics and raps, count too. Scroll down for the link to join us on Zoom.

To get your thoughts flowing, here is a list of poets. Mary Oliver, Emma Lazarus, Walt Whitman, Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas, Ogden Nash, Doctor Suess, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Joy Harjo, Ted Hughes, Robert Graves.

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