Upcoming events

Oct. 2: Acclaimed composer Jim Scott presents his environmentally conscious musical program. DDUUC congregation President John DeMasi is coordinating the service. The service will be presented live at 39 Park St. And streamed over ZOOM, ID 609 444 9349 Password uuchurch. Click here for the DDUUC calendar .

Oct. 9 Pauline E. Nijander – Resentment. What does holding onto resentment do to us? What methods are available to help us let go of it?

Oct. 16 DDUUC member Mary Watterson will present a service.

Oct. 23 – Melanie Davis, who was located through the Unitarian Universalism Association’s Guest in your Pulpit system. Will give a talk called, Stop Talking; Start Listening.

Oct. 30 Joan Spengler will present the annual Day of the Dead service, a DDUUC tradition.

Upcoming Events

The Church service for Sunday, Sept. 18, will be held in person in our sanctuary and available on Zoom. ID 609 444 9349 password uuchurch Click here for our calendar.

Spirit Circle will meet 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 19 for our semi-annual Tarot-palooza, an evening of enlightenment with oracle cards.

On Thursday, Sept. 22, the Spirit Circle will host an evening of Drumming by the Fire to welcome autumn and the dark time of the year. Bring percussion instruments. Event starts at 7 p.m.

Our sanctuary is even prettier with flowers on Sunday! If you agree, then choose a date to supply them on the sign-up sheet in the sanctuary.

Sunday Sept. 11 is Water Communion

Water Communion is a DDUUC tradition. Please bring the story of your summer and some water from where you went. It is okay if the water is symbolic and you spent the summer close to home.

This service will be led by Joan Spengler and will conducted in person and over ZOOM. Meeting ID 609 444 9349 password uuchurch

Aug. 28 Discussion on what wealth can do.

Is it easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven? Does this question resonate with Unitarian Universalists? At 39 Park and on Zoom, 609-444-9349 and uuchurch.

Sunday, Aug. 14 Service

Roger Long will lead a talk back discussion service. He will ask the question, “How did covid change your life spiritually? This will be a hybrid service held in the sanctuary and on Zoom at 609-444-9349 uuchurch.

Sunday July 31 Service

Talk Back Topic: The Defining Moments of Our Lives. John DeMasi will lead a discussion about the crucial moments that made us who we are. The service will be held in the sanctuary at 39 Park St. Bordentown and streamed on Zoom. MEETING ID: 609 444 9349, Password: uuchurch: 609 444 9349,